Message From JCLTA Editor

Soliciting:  a. letters from readers; b. book and software reviewers

March 14, 2004


The Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association (JCLTA) is

soliciting letters from readers and volunteers to review books and software for the Journal.


You will be receiving the February 2004 issue of the Journal very soon.  A new "Letters from Readers" column has been added to our journal!  This was announced in the October 2003 issue, but the announcement was buried near the bottom of page 128, and apparently went unnoticed by most readers of the Journal.  We had hoped to inaugurate this column with the February 2004 issue, but we have not received any letters from you as of this writing.


WE WELCOME COMMENTS FROM READERS ON ARTICLES PUBLISHED RECENTLY (i.e. in the last couple of issues), and thereby provide a forum for discussion of topics covered in the published articles.  Readers who wish to comment on articles or reviews published in JCLTA should email letters - written in either Chinese or English - to the Editor (Vivian Ling:


Your letters will also be shared with original authors, who will have the opportunity to respond in the same issue of the Journal.  Letters from readers received by April 1 will be published in the May 2004 issue.


Secondly, our new Review Editor of JCTLA Michael E. Everson is building a database of qualified professionals who wish to review books, software, and other materials for the Journal.  If you are interested, please send a short curriculum vita (email attachment preferred, though regular mail is ok) accompanied by a paragraph stating the types of materials you feel most qualified to review to:


       Michael E. Everson

       N240 Lindquist Center

       The University of Iowa

       Iowa City, IA  52242



Vivian Ling

Editor, JCLTA